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If you purchase a stock plan and don't wish to make any changes, all you need to do is place an order for the plans. Our stock plans include: floor plans, elevations, foundation, roof plan and stock details. Stock plans are sold in a package of 6 sets. Additional sets may be purchased. 


Stock Home Plan Modification | If you found a plan that you love but it doesn't exactly meet all of your needs, we can modify the plan to your specifications. If your changes are minor, we may be able to take them over the phone.  However, for best results, we recommend an office visit in an effort to minimize miscommunications. To schedule a consultation, simply call for an appointment.


Custom Home Design

Custom Home Plans | If you are not able to find the perfect plan you are looking for, then it may be time to create a custom design to meet your unique specifications.  We can create a one-of-a-kind custom home design based on your sketches, notes, magazine articles, photos or whatever inspires you. 


Step One: Consultation. A meeting is scheduled to discuss concepts of the home you have in mind. If you have a piece of property that may be difficult to work with, then a field consultation may be required.  If you cannot make it to our office, or it would be more convenient for you, we can arrange to meet you at your property, or a location of your choice.

Step Two: Preliminary Design. A set of preliminary drawings is created; usually floor plan(s) and a front elevation. At this stage, you can study the design, making any changes or notes.

Step Three: Design Development.  In this phase, we incorporate any modification you may have to your preliminary design, discuss additional sketches or redraws may be done; alternate design concepts may be explored.

Step Four: Final Construction Documents.  When we've gotten the plan right where you want it, we recommend getting your builder's input with respect to cost of construction.  Once satisfied, the preliminary design is developed into the construction documents.


Addition and Renovation Design | If you love where you live but you need more space, a new look, a better use of space or you simply want to freshen the look of your home, consider renovating or adding to your current structure. Regardless of the age or style of your existing home, we can design a complimentary addition or renovation.  We can work from the existing plans of your home or, if you donít have them, we can recreate the portions we need.


Restoration | Homes can be severely damaged by fire or floods.  We have worked in partnership with insurance companies to help rebuild the home by creating a design that will be a new beginning, a start to recovery.  We can redesign a new home around as much of the existing structure as is salvageable and/or recommend areas that should be demolished.  We can give the home an entirely new appearance or recreate the look of the home you loved.


Additional Services

The following services are offered by TRD in conjunction with talented professionals we have worked with for years. If any of these services are of interest to you, we can provide a cost estimate based on the information you provide.


Home Meetings  |  We'll come to you.  If it would be more convenient for you to meet at your current home, purchased land or builder's office, we can come to you. 


Plan Delivery |  If you are within a 20 mile radius of our office and cannot make it by to pick up your plans we have local plan delivery.  We will deliver the plans to you or your builder's office.


Engineering | If you plan to build in an area where an engineers' seal is required for a building permit, we can contract this service for you.  Please note, the engineers' fees are established by the engineer and are billed separately by the engineer.  An engineer's seal must  appear on two sets of your blueprints.


Interior Design | If you would like the assistance of an interior designer to help your new home be the perfect place youíve dreamed, of let us know. We work with several excellent designers that can help your visions come to life.


Landscape Design | Over the past 3 decades we have collaborated with some of the best landscape architects in the area. Let us work with them to create the perfect garden or the best natural environment for your home.


Home Photo Session  After your new home is completed we will arrange a professional photo session to create a photographic journal of your new home. This can be done prior to move in or after. The journal is available as a CD or a hardbound book.


Artist's Rendering | Once we have completed the design, a black & white or color artistís rendering of the front of the home can be created. It would be a beautiful piece of art that you can feature in your new home. Delivered as an electronic file or printed on high quality, acid free media for framing.


3D Model After we have completed the construction documents we can use them to create a full 3D, tabletop model of your new home. This is available in a monochrome version or full color.



Project fees will be provided on a proposal before we start your project.  We strive to make sure you are always informed of the financial end of the home planning process.  We do not want any surprises in billing and neither do you.



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