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The first floor plan of any home is what drives the entire plan design. The rest of the house is built upon it; the second floor sits over it and the elevation wraps around it. So, if the first floor needs to change significantly, then it will have a major impact on these other areas of the house. Home styles, like fashions, change every few years. What was popular 2-3 years ago, as far as exterior styles and finishes, may not be popular today. But the basics of a well designed, functional floor plan remain much longer. Our designers can put a new front on one of our plans just like you can change clothes. So, while the front is a very important feature, don’t let it keep you from examining a potentially desirable floor plan design.

Because TRD is primarily a design firm and not a plan broker, all the designs we offer have been created by designers in our office and have been field proven. This gives us a unique, first-hand knowledge of all of our plans’ construction.

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